4-20mA Loop

  • The 4-20 mA current loop is normally supplied in a “Self Powered” configuration.
  • The loop can drive from 1 ohm to 500 ohm loads.
  • The loop drive is isolated from the Service Power by 2000VAC for AC Powered units and 500VDC for DC powered units.
  • The loop will normally produce 4 mA when the analyzer reading is 0.000 and 20 mA when the analyzer reading is at or above full scale.
  • The loop can be calibrated at the analyzer to account for local conditions.
  • Loop powered configurations and higher load driving configurations are available.
  • During calibration, the loop will normally hold the last value before calibration. The loop can also be configured to follow the calibration.
  • During a Diagnostic Alarm (Tape Out, Tape Dark), the loop will go to maximum. The loop can also be configured to go to 4 mA or hold the last value during Diagnostic Alarm
  • If the loop is not connected or is connected to too high of a resistance, "LOOP OPEN" is displayed on the main screen status line.