Concentration Alarms

Concentration Alarms are Alarm set points for the H2S concentration. When the concentration exceeds the set point, ALARM x is indicated on the screen and a contact output is activated.

  • Two alarms are available. Each can have a user set point between 0.000 and 9999.
  • Each alarm can be user enabled or disabled independently
  • Normally Alarm 1 is latched and requires the RESET function to clear the alarm. Alarm 2 is not latched and the alarm will clear when the concentration drops below the alarm set point. Alarm latches are defined at the time of manufacture. User control of alarm latches is optional.
  • Alarms are normally Fail Safe. The alarm relay is powered until an alarm set point is exceeded. This produces an alarm when power to the analyzer is lost. If lower power consumption is required, Alarms can be made not Fail Safe at time of manufacture.