Diagnostic Alarms

Diagnostic Alarms are created to indicate a problem with the functional state of the Analyzer. The two highest priority alarms appear on the STATUS lines of the main screen. All alarms are visible in the STATUS menu screen.

Alarms can be connected to any combination of up to 14 contact relays.

Normally the relays are energized when the alarm is off (Fail Safe) so that an alarm is generated during power failure.

When the condition that created the alarm is removed, the alarm is cleared.

PROCESS INTERRUPTIONS - The Analyzer is unable to take readings

  • TAPE OUT (Too much light is reaching the detector - usually because the analyzer is out of tape)
  • TAPE DARK (Not enough light is reaching the detector - usually because the tape is broken)


  • OVER RANGE (The reading is higher than the analyzer range)
  • LOW LED (the light reaching the detector is low. Attention is required)
  • CAL FAIL (If Auto Calibration is installed)
  • LED CAL FAIL (The Light Source could not be calibrated)
  • LOOP OPEN (Loop is unconnected or connected to too high of a resistive load)
  • SYS ERROR ## (A System error has occurred, Contact Trace Technology with the Error Number and Serial Number)
  • FLOW ERROR (If Electronic Flow Meter installed)
  • TEMPERATURE (The temperature of the Electronics is > 60 degrees C)
  • LOW TAPE (If Low tape alarm installed)


  • MAN CAL (Manual Calibration is in progress)
  • AUTO CAL SPAN (If Auto Calibration is installed)
  • AUTO CAL ZERO (If Auto Calibration is installed)