Trace Tape


  • H2S Specific
  • No Interferences
  • Colorless Reactants
  • Sensitivity in ppb
  • Linear Concentration Response


Trace Technology combines the physical and chemical laws of nature with the science of mathematics and microprocessors. Hydrogen sulfide detection and concentration analysis by the use of Trace Tape is a chemically engineered reagent system. Sample trace reactants are analyzed by a photo-optical system when exposed to the target gas. ASTM approvals confirm the unique analytical precision of the technology.

Analysis Precision

The analysis precision of other reagent systems can be enhanced by the use of Trace Tape. Maximum performance benefit is available by using Trace Tape with analysis equipment manufactured by Trace Technology. Trace Tape specifications meet or exceed the requirements of other older technology models. Tape available in various lengths.

Research Quality

Production to this exacting standard starts with material selection. Analytical precision is assured by the selection of reagent grade chemicals and premium quality media to produce the Trace Tape chemically engineered reagent system. Innovation, research, and process development have identified new materials which have enhanced the formulation of Trace Tape. Production utilizing automated manufacturing technologies in a controlled production environment assures reproducibility and precision of Trace Tape.